How The Hit And Run Technique Works


The hit and run is not well known on the web by players, probably the most experienced use it and each in the modalities and forms they prefer. So we want to point out immediately that this method that we explain is a game and behavior mode that we sometimes use when we play and gives satisfaction, but beware nothing is 100% sure. The trick that we have called “hit and run”, as you can guess from the name, is simply to play in different slot machines for a limited period of time, hoping that the slot you are approaching is loaded and ready to pay and give away. emotions. This technique can be programmed with a budget to be allocated to each slot or with a certain number of hits for each slot. This discriminant does not affect the result because remember that luck is always responsible.

The hit and run that a budget is based on works: the budget is divided by a certain number of slot machines and played slowly . So we’re not going to tell you, play € 10 here and € 10 there, because it depends on how much you play and what budget you have. In this respect, it is you who must evaluate your possibilities and your risk appetite.

Here’s how to hit and run the casino

  • Have a good budget to play and a certain number of slot machines you want to try
  • Break up the budget for the slot machines, so for example if you have a budget of € 100 and plan to try hit and run on 5 different slot machines, you will have a budget of € 20 for each slot machine.
  • Start playing the slots you have chosen, which inspire you or which you know best.
  • Started betting on the first slot, splitting the budget into a number of hits. For example in 20 shots of € 1 or 10 shots of € 2 or 13 shots of € 1.5 and so on.
  • As soon as the budget for the single slot is finished, move on to another game
  • The goal of hit and run is to be able to hit the bonus, free spins or jackpot within the budget you have set.

If in a short time those € 20 you have destined you lose them then change the slot machine and move on to the next game. If after some time you keep going up and down and you are still at € 20 then set aside the slot and move on to the next one and then come back later. If in the € 20 you take some bonuses and win some money then the strategy is working and set aside your winnings and move on to the next one and so on. Our blog is full of very interesting news on the world of gaming : from the reviews of the best sites to play to the generic guides of the most engaging games.

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