What Is Playthrough In Online Casino


Every time we get a bonus in online casinos we do not get a real bonus but a Fun Bonus which is nothing more than a bonus that must be “transformed” into Real to be able to withdraw it.

When we join a promotion of any kind on a casino, we cannot withdraw the bonus we have obtained but we have to replay it a certain number of times before we can withdraw it , this is called the wagering requirement. This is because if there were no playthrough or playthrough requirements, we could deposit for example € 100 with a 100% bonus and then withdraw € 200 without having played at the casino. Obviously this is not legal because it would mean giving away money and that is precisely why the playthroughs intervene.

The playthrough is therefore nothing more than a requirement of the casino to make us withdraw the bonus given to us.

A classic example is the casino welcome bonus which allows us to get on average a 100% bonus on the first deposit, once the deposit is made we will have to replay these € 100 about 30 – 35 times before being able to withdraw it. This means playing the € 100 bonus 30 times that is, we should bet well: 100 x 30 = € 3000.

The wagering or wagering requirement varies from casino to casino and from game to game in fact they contribute differently depending on the probability of winning , the higher the probability the lower the contribution.

Some games are considered “strategy”, such as blackjack or online roulette , while others are just luck, such as video poker and online slot machines . Therefore, in games such as online slots, every euro played is counted entirely for the calculation of the playthrough, while in the case of games of greater strategy, which bring less money to the bank, only a percentage of each euro is calculated.

How and when to withdraw

Before we can withdraw our bonus we will have to replay it certain times depending on the playthrough or wagering requirement. Winnings can be withdrawn only and exclusively when the complete playthrough is reached . We also remind you that if you lose almost all the bonus, the playthrough would not change, however, in fact this remains fixed until all the Fun bonus paid is reached or lost. In addition, remember that there is often a time limit to reach the wagering requirement. Finally, we remind users to carefully read the terms and conditions of each bookmaker as depending on the requirements, the probability of obtaining a certain bonus can vary greatly.

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